05 December 1998

Gavin's Adventures. 1998.

Gavin's Adventures (These are taken from Gavin's Website, on this page. The links are not active here, you will have to go to his page to view the links.

April 26, 1998.
This is my first day at this, so bear with me. I am almost 18 months old and it is hard for a little guy to reach the keys on the keyboard when you can't even get up into the chair. Plus I have to do this when mommy is not looking. She gets so mad when I mess with the computer!
Well I am feeling better today. I was sick last week and had a fever. My mommy gave me some cold medicine and it made me cranky. It took her a while to figure it out! Silly Mommy. So now I am at 50% less tantrums! --HA, I will never be tantrum free.

April 28, 1998.
Well, I had a pretty good day today. I slept in until 9:30am. When I got up I started eating my cereal, but my uncle Scott had a twizzler and I wanted that instead. I decided I should throw a tantrum... and sure enough, I got the twizzler.
We went to the mall, and stopped into the pet store. There were no kitties and I could not see the puppies, so I was stuck looking at some lizards. Then we went to my Great-Grandma's house for a while. Then I came home and took a nap! What a tough life for a kid, huh?

May 06, 1998.
Kind of looks like I have been busy they past few days! Well, not really, see when my mommy is busy... I tend not to get out of the house much. But she says that she has a whole free month and we should be doing more things. There is also talk about going to Virginia to Busch Gardens! Boy it sounds like fun. I let you know what it is all about once I find out for myself.

May 16, 1998.
We leave for Virginia tomorrow morning; I can't wait to get out of the house! The other day my mommy tried to take me over to Juniata Lake where I could play in the grass. She got mad when all I wanted to do was play on the road, I threw a fit when she picked me up... so she took me home. She just doesn't understand what being a toddler is all about!

May 21, 1998.
Oh My! What a trip. The first thing I thought when they put me in that car seat and I saw all that luggage was.."We're going to Louisiana again!" But guess what? We didn't! Instead of being in the car for two days, we were there in under eight hours! I was very pleased.
I had a lot of fun in the hotel. You gotta see the pictures my mommy took of me while on vacation. She took lots of vacation pictures.
Enough about pictures. I saw all sorts of animals and old fashion houses and people... but mostly I just slept and looked at all the fans. Grandma said good thing they didn't have to pay for my ticket! I had more fun in the Hotel, where I ran in circles for hours at a time!

May 22, 1998.
Have I told you that I love ceiling fans.. all kinds of fans. Well I could stare at them for hours! My mommy got me one and grandpa put it up in my room. Oh, Glory!
I had a Doctors appointment yesterday. I am still hangin' in around 30 pounds and 34 inches tall. Good news, I am caught up with all my shots, and I don't need to get anymore until school!

June 2, 1998.
I went camping last weekend! It was my first time. I had a lot of fun.. playing in the dirt and the water. My mommy had fun chasing me. I wanted to play near the fire and near the edge of a mini-cliff, that drove mommy crazy. I liked playing in the pop-up trailer, it was like a HUGE play pen. I even played there for at least an hour in the dark. I didn't mind. I can't wait to go again.
Oh yeah..Grandpa put a ceiling fan in the hall way! Oh geez!

June 8, 1998.
I am 19 months old today. Guess what I think I have the Chicken Pops or something like that. I got these itchy bump everywhere. Mommy won't let me itch them. I don't think this is a good thing.

June 13, 1998.
Sure enough I have Chicken Pops! They itch soooo bad. Mommy tells me not to scratch them but I can not help myself. They are all over me! I hope these go away soon.

June 19, 1998.
Not much new going on. I just thought I'd check in while I was updating my page. I am all over my Chicken Pox... here I thought they were called Chicken Pops. I guess I watch too much rugrats!

July 4, 1998.
Well it is the Fourth of July! Independence Day! What am I doing? Nothing. My mommy has to work today. Yuck.. Well at least it is better than last year.. let me tell you what my mommy did.
First off, we were living in Louisiana, and mommy is used to the weather up North. It used to get cold at night during the fire works, so she dressed me in a long sleeve cotton shirt, and heavy cotton overalls, cute outfit, but I was roasting! So she took my clothes off and then she realized there was no sunscreen in the bag. My Mommy!
The funny part was when she got home, she remember about the cute outifit she bought just for that day. Mommy even had stitched my name on it. How funny. This year she got my a shirt just like that one! She put T-shirt transfers on it that she made on the computer... very nice. And she didn't forget about it either...
By the way, anyone out there named Gavin who is 6-10 months old, you can let my mommy know, someone could wear this outfit since I never did.

July 12, 1998.
I put up some new pictures today! Check out my Photo Album. You can see what I looked like when I had the Chicken Pox.
Not much new these days, I have a cold. Mommy makes me mad when she chases me down with those ouchy nose wipers! Guess What? I heard my mommy saying something about going to North Carolina next month. I will get to see my friend Matt. I have not seen him in a year. I can't wait!

July 15, 1998.
I had a Dr.'s appointment today. They said I have another ear infection, they were talking tubes. I wonder what they mean. Anyway, I weighed in at 29 pounds and I have reached 35.5 inches. Mommy says I have to reach 38 inches tall by my second birthday so I can grow to be 6' 4" when I am older. She doesn't want much, huh? Well that is all for now!

August 2, 1998.
I still have my ear infection, mommy says I have an appointment with a specialist doctor to look at my ears. Why does everyone want to look in my ears.
Mommy is done with school for the summer, I am glad, I get to see her more now. Maybe we will play more now. It is getting closer to the day when I get to go see my friend Matt, just a couple more weeks mommy says. I can't wait.

August 13, 1998.
Less than a week away from going to North Carolina! Oh, boy!!!!! They are gonna send to to some big place in Pittsburgh to check my hearing and speech and development. Geez. My ear feels better though. So far no tubes in my ears. I guess that is good.
We have a new kitten. Can you believe it! Her name is Beau Boux (bobo), and she miaows very loud and wakes me up at night! Just what I needed!

August 28, 1998.
Well, we have been back from North Carolina for a while now, but I have just recovered. Matt was very friendly.. and loud. However, I prefer peace and quiet! It was stressful, I cried a lot and mommy pulled out her hair.
Be sure to check out the pictures from the trip. Just click here.

September 13, 1998.
I had my hearing tested the other day. I try to tell mommy that I hear just fine. She knows it, but those silly doctors have to start everything from the beginning. So now they know I can hear. And they say that means I should be talking. Mommy says I will talk when I hear something worth repeating, she's so silly.
I have another appointment, mommy says, where they will test my speech. How do they do that when you can't talk anyway? Well I will let you know how that goes.
As for other things I am doing the usual kid stuff. I watch CMT cause I really like the music. I have started watching Teletubbies too, I really like Po, she is my favorite! I like Bear in the Big Blue House, and Blues Clues too.
I also have my own room now. Mommy colored the walls and put all my stuff on the walls... and my own TV! I never want to come down stairs anymore! I make mommy drag me out. Ha!

Septemeber 29, 1998.
Mommy gets mad cause she thinks I spend too much time in my room. They bore me downstairs! And they don't watch CMT as much as I would like, so why should I hang out with them! Although, mommy did buy me a Pooh poster for my wall, and she blew up a picture of me in a cowboy hat to poster size for on my wall. Doesn't she see that I am so cute I like to sit in my room and stare at the picture of myself! :)
Well Thursday is my speech and language evaluation, I will let you know how it goes.

October 4, 1998.
I had my speech evaluation the other day. I had to play with this guy who wouldn't give me the toys I wanted. I do not know how that tested my speech, but oh well, I did get to play with some new toys for a while. They said I have trouble with my expressive, receptive, and "cognitive" speech --all I know is no one understands me. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't.
This morning Mommy and Grandma put silly slippers and a santa hat on me. They also put a vest on me that had a goofy snowman on it. They took me to Walmart and put me on a table where some lady kept flashing a light at me and telling me to smile and trying to make me look at her. I didn't want to look at her, I wanted to look at the bag of raisins and chocolate that my mommy said was bribery food. She said I did real good though, I stayed on the table and looked up for my pictures.

November 12, 1998.
It sure has been a while since I wrote in my journal.. but you know how it goes, if mommy is busy, so am I!
Sunday was my Birthday, I had a lot of fun. But it was planned later in the day and I got real cranky and sleepy toward the end, boy I needed a nap!
My Aunt Misty, Uncle Mike and my buddy Matt sent me a talking Tinky Winky! I just love it! And I got some Teletubbie videos, what more could a kid ask for!
Well I have had quite a few evaluations since I last wrote. They say I am delayed >25% in most areas. I have to see a psychologist today...what is that all about, I am only two and they want to put me in therapy! I don't get it. Mommy says it is so someone else can watch and see what she has been trying to tell everyone. They think I am Autistic, whatever that means.

December 5, 1998.
It looks like I got a lot of people sick. I was not feeling well on that silly turkey day, and the day after that they said that a bunch, 12 or so, people that were at my Grandma's got the flu. Yeah I think they called it the flu. I do not know what the big deal is it only last 24 hours. hmmm.
Mommy was all happy the other day. They have been showing me a picture of my cup and then giving me my cup. Well yesterday I saw the picture and took it to them, cause I was a bit thirsty. They gave me the cup and took the picture and got all happy and clapped. They are so silly sometimes.


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