18 February 2002

Gavin's Adventures. 1999-2000.

Gavin's Adventures (These are taken from Gavin's Website, on this page. The links are not active here, you will have to go to his page to view the links.

January 4, 1999.
Can anyone tell me what happened here? One day the house looks normal and the next there are lights everywhere..a tree... colored boxes.... all sorts of things! And now all that stuff is gone...well not the stuff that was in the boxes. I still have all those new toys, and that neat Pooh tent!
Mommy noticed that I started crying when they were opening all those toys, so they slowed down and did one and then others later. I wasn't sure if I liked all this stuff but now I decided I do.

January 5, 1999.
My mommy got all excited tonight...after my bath when she was getting me ready for bed, she asked for a kiss. Now I will tell you --I have never given her one before. But she kept nagging and nagging, saying, "Gavin, give mommy a kiss."
So, finally, I puckered up and gave her one. She was so excited, clapping and everything. She kept making me do it over and over...finally I got bored with it, she called my grandma into the room and tried to show her what I can do. But like I said, I was bored with it. So I wouldn't do it again. I gotta keep them guessing!

January 29, 1999.
Grandma and mommy had me laughing so hard the other day! There is is funny thing they do with their hands when they talk to me, and I remember when they say the word 'more' they tap their fingers together. So a couple times last week I did that little finger tapping thing and grandma got all excited. She called mommy at school and told her. So when mommy came home this weekend she kept trying to get me to do it. But, I was bored with it so I quit.
Well what was so funny was grandma and mommy turned off my music and wanted me to make that little sign to get them to turn my music back on. But they looked so funny doing it over and over again and saying "do more Gavin." that I couldn't stop laughing. And of course, I haven't done it since. When are they gonna learn that once I figure something out, I see no point in doing it again and again!

January 30, 1999.
Mommy came home from school last night. I wouldn't go to her right away, she looked different. She cut her hair --just threw in some bangs outta no where! Geez.
I am just having one of those bad days mommy says. I don't want to look at anyone today. [Well, I am playing more with grandma cause she is crazy and sings silly songs to me all the time. Mommy's getting jealous. ;) I think I am finally training her though, she is learning that you have to sing everything to me if you want me to listen.] Mommy says I am not giving her any eye contact today, whatever that means. I just want to be left alone today, don't they understand?

February 2, 1999.
GROUNDHOG DAY! I have no idea what that means, but mommy tells some crazy stories about going there!
Mommy has been talking to a doctor in Philadelphia about something called secretin. I am not sure what it is and mommy says no one is really sure how it helps yet, but they are working on it. She says it might make me better, I didn't know there was anything wrong with me! But she is all excited because..well I think she said something like there was only this secretin stuff from pigs and it might do bad things instead of good. I don't want to turn into a pig!
Mommy said I wouldn't turn into a pig, but maybe worse! What could be worse? Well this doctor said things are going slow with the study because they are waiting on a company that is making a ...and I hope I get these big words right... synthetic human secretin. I do not think mommy read anything after that, she was too excited.
Look, I really do not know what these crazy doctors are doing with this pig stuff... and now this fake human stuff, but if mommy is convinced it will help what can I say. She put up links to different secretin sites here. I guess I should check them out to learn more.

February 9, 1999.

You haven't heard from me all week! Well mommy has been sick and so have I! All this coughing and fever and now an ear infection! When will it end! All I know is I get a week off of school and don't have to do any therapy!
I will miss my girlfriend though. Her name is Kaitlin and she is in my class. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. See, I am not one for looking at other kids, in fact I hate it when they come near me, I usually push at them or try to get away from them, but then I saw Kaitlin. I went right over to her and hugged her and tried to kiss her --she ran away. But I know she's playing hard to get.
Well this must have been a bad thing cause that psychologist lady who comes around every now and then just about fell off her chair. Then later they made a big deal when I was painting, see I never paint, anyway, Kaitlin was painting so I did too. I had to try to impress her! Mommy says socializing and imitating all on the same day is just my way of breaking the rules. She's so proud!

February 20, 1999.
I had my pictures taking tonight. Mommy is so excited that I smiled and cooperated. Go see them.

April 8, 1999.
I know it has been a while, you know --the usual. I am going to the circus in a couple weeks with the kids from school. I'll let you know how it goes.

April 20, 1999.
I was at the circus! What a neat place. There was cute girls flying through the air and big kitties like the ones we have at home --just a lot bigger. Mommy was impressed that I sit still for it, they did have to bribe me with goodies, but basically I sat still. There was so much going on, where was I gonna go?
Mommy said we should be hearing soon from these doctors if I am gonna be in their study. She says if not she is about to start all these vitamins and drops and stuff, I tell her good luck trying to sneak all those vitamins in on me. I hate taking all these pills and stuff, yuck. She wants to change my diet too, she says all the foods that I eat are foods that I am allergic too and that is making my autism worse. She thinks if she changes my diet I might start talking, we'll see mom. All this stuff has to wait though, if we do this study we aren't allowed to alter my therapy or diet. (Good cause I quite enjoy my PB & J's!) I find this funny cause mommy used to laugh when she heard the words "vitamins" "herbals" and "holistic/alternative medicine" but she is coming around.
School's almost out for mommy for the summer, Good! She is tired of school, she needs a break so she can make it through the next two years. We are supposed to go visit our friends in Louisiana --Aunt Misty and Matt, and NOW Jacob!!! My uncle Mike is not gonna be there, Mommy says he is being a police man over in Korea, don't they have there own police? I hope Matt doesn't make me cry so much this time :)
Well I will go, I am gonna go think about the circus... Mommy is fooling if she thinks taking me to the mall is gonna entertain me now..I wanna see clowns!

May 30, 1999.

What a time I have been having! Everything has been going well. You guys know what I have been up too lately right? Every morning during the week someone comes to the house or I go to their place and they try to get me to work... well I'll tell you more about this because now they are trying to add things to my schedule!!!
A couple weeks ago we went to Louisiana. Mommy tells me I was born there, I liked it very much. I got to see my friend Matt and his new little brother Jacob... I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in over two years. Mommy is working on putting up the pictures, I will let you know when she does.
Right now I have mommy all confused because I loved taking a bath and a shower in the hotel bathrooms but I do not like to take them at home. Actually, I keep going back and forth and I can not decided if I like it or not. I had a lot of fun swimming in the hotel pool and I really loved the hot tub! Mommy is trying to get that written into my therapy plan, good luck mommy.
She has also got herself involved with this Autism Awareness Rally that is happening in Washington DC on April 8, 2000. All kinds of fun people are going to be there, and smart doctors too who are gonna talk and tell you more about Autism. Mommy is keeping herself busy!! She says she is gonna take all of the gluten and casein out of my diet, anybody know what that means? She started giving me something called Efalex and she says there are more vitamins to come.
She is also changing around my developmental delay website. Soon you will be able to read about how I stopped talking, what mommy is doing now with all my therapies (Something called ABA is being started now, anyone know what that is like? I wonder if those are they same people who made my cry the other day...), and how I am progressing. Well that is all for now, I'll let you know when mommy puts up the vacation pictures.

June 18, 1999.
More therapy has started around here. Now they want me to work for my gummy bears. Who do they think they are, anyhow! Grandpa put a fence around the yard. Mommy says we can relax now. They don't have to worry about me running to the road. Don't they know I like the road??? There is a new swing set inside the fence though --I guess it is a trade off...
Mommy is having us move too. It isn't far it is just two houses down from Grandma and Grampa's, I wonder what the point is. Mommy says she needs space. We'll still be close enough to play in the yard and I won't have to change any of my therapies around. She is also starting a new job. I guess she is gonna be all busy again.
Also they said I don't qualify for the secretin test, I am too young. But the nurse told Mommy that if this test shows that secretin does help they will do another test to see what the dose should be and how often kids should get the shot. She said I would be able to do that test. All these test for such a little kids.
And as for the GF/CF diet. I am officially CF, no more milk for me. I am drinking soy formula!

July 31, 1999.
Mommy works too much. I never get to see her, well not much anyway. At the end of the month she goes back to school. Silly mommy, she is tired of working already. I think she is going to be in school forever!
We also moved. Not far from Grandma, just two houses down. I don't like it there, my bed room isn't there and that is where I want to sleep. Maybe someday I will like it, but for now I just have to cry and cry until mommy gets the hint and takes me back to Grandmas! She is catching on.
I had another one of those meetings where a bunch of people come to the house and talk about me and make me do "drills". They drive me crazy, especially that Bill guy. He is mean. :) Mommy thinks I am doing better with my communication, but I am still not talking. She is also excited to try this diet on me, but she can't get any bread to turn out yet, the other day she was really frustrated, it was funny. They have me off of milk, I can only drink soy formula, it is pretty good. Soon they won't let me eat any wheat. Boy, I don't know about that. Mommy has some vitamins and other stuff coming that she wants me to take, good luck mommy, ha! To read more about that diet check out GFCF Diet. There is some really neat stuff there mommy says.
Mommy also wanted me to say something to this silly radio lady named Dr. Laura. Mommy said that it is Dr. Laura who should be institutionalized! I don't know much about this lady, but I guess she thinks us Autistic kids are too much to handle and that eventually we need to taken from our families and put in places were people are trained to deal with us. Who is better to deal with me than my own mommy? Why would she want to get rid of me? I don't like that Dr. Laura.

November 15, 1999.
I turned three on November 8th. I can't believe how time flies. I also started my new school up at Wasson Elementary. Kim comes to school with me and we do drills and play with the other kids. Nancy still comes to the house at night to do drills with me, but lately I have been too sick or Nancy or Kim have been sick --so I have been missing out on therapy. Mommy's been sick too. I guess it is that time of year.
Mommy has kept me off of milk but we haven't perfected the wheat free diet yet ...someday. I have been taking my DMG, B-6 w/ Magnesium and now MSM. Mommy says my attention is much better and now I even play with my toys how they are supposed to be played, something autistic kids have a problem with. I am really into watching my Veggie Tale videos. Can't get enough of them, if you've never seen them you must get your hands on a copy --very funny. Mommy even likes them, and they are bible stories (so you know they must be really really funny).
last month Misty and Tootie and Matt and Jacob came to visit. Be sure to check out my newest pictures to see how everyone is looking these days! Photo Album. Also mommy has been talking about this Autism Awareness rally in Washington DC next April 8th. Go and check out there Webpage, there is even a picture of me on it! ARK Autism Resource Konnection, Inc. If that site doesn't work, keep checking back.

February 18, 2000.
Well it has been a while since I updated everyone on how I am doing! I am still not talking, I love school --although Mommy doesn't, she is mad because she wants me to get more speech therapy and they just don't have the time. She got the doctor to say I needed more but mommy is gonna have a hard time getting me to the hospital for therapy --she drives to Clarion everyday for school, and then she has homework and other stuff to do... she says not to worry, we'll figure it out.
Christmas was great, I got bunches of toys again. I had so many toys that mommy emptied a big huge box worth to take to Good Will and it still looks like she hasn't touched a thing. I love being spoiled!
I have been sick for over three weeks now. I got the flu first, then a cold, and then an ear infection!! Tis the season, I always get them this time of year. I also get real grouchy, I started kicking and slapping and boy that made mommy mad --I even gave her a bruised lip --but what else can I do to tell them what is wrong? Mommy says shes losing her religion... I didn't know she had any left to lose! I just like pushing her buttons, its what I am here for.
Enough for now, I'll try to keep you all updating a little better in the future, but you guys know we're busy!


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