21 June 2005

Milk Thistle

So that is how it starts? Milk Thistle.

Gavin is Autistic. More accurately he is suffering from Mercury-Induced Autism.

There is a process called chelation that pulls the heavy metals out of the body --detoxifies. It has been shown to successfully treat children with autism. Its not easy getting to this place for many reasons. First you have find your way through the useless maze of Autism information out there to finally learn the truth, that Autism is mercury poisoning. Once there you have to find a doctor who is willing to do the protocal for treatment.

That can be a challange, but there is a list on the Autism Research Institute web site. They are called DAN! doctors (Defeat Autism Now!). As time passes you will learn more about this issue from me --and now the media which is slowly starting to pick it up.

For now I am just amazed that after all of this... 7 years of the diagnosis of Autism and a 2 hour drive to the nearest DAN! doctor --and I come home with Milk Thistle. Something you can buy anywhere, a supplement that boosts liver function and gets the whole ballrolling. I am a strong supporter of taking a thoughful measured approach at this. It may be tempting to just jump right in and start throwing all sorts of supplements and chelators into his body --but that is a bit shortsighted and foolish.

More to follow about how to "pill" your kid.


Anonymous S.C. said...

I'd really like to know how the milk thistle is working, I've been considereing it for my nephew. You might also want to look into Bovine Colostrum, it's very good for their immune system and helps to heal the intestines and digestive tract. Hope you are seeing results. It's a struggle but they're worth it and everything has a cure, it's just a matter of finding it.

3/03/2006 11:15:00 AM  
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Anonymous Amy Ramsey said...

Thanks for your blog! I found you after searching google for milk thistle plus autism. I thought about using milk thistle for my autistic son. I use it myself and feel great! I am not sure how much to give him though.

7/14/2010 06:08:00 PM  
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