23 June 2005

Bloodhound. And How to Pill a Bloodhound.

Autistic people can have sensory issues. Hyper and hypo sensory issues. For Gavin there is something with his sense of smell. He truly is a bloodhound. He has a very self limited diet, living on peanut butter sandwiches, soy baby formula with chocolate syrup, and french fries. He will pepper in the occasional junk food item. I often wonder if there is something in his brain that takes the way someting smells and turns it into a bad "taste" --it's not unheard of. He will not eat meat or veggies, only the occasional fruit.

So then comes the day we needed to give him the Milk Thistle. The doctor broke the capsule open for me and I tasted it. It had absolutely no taste. Easy as pie I thought. RIGHT.

Soda, milk, peanut butter... I slipped it into everything he eats. And each time he knew it. He refused the food. What's worse is he doesn't trust me anymore, he will not eat anything but his fries now.

We were forced to mix the powder with a tiny bit of water and put it in a dropper. I have to wrestle him to the ground while my mom shoots it into his mouth! Thank you Ely Lily for making me force things on my child.

This is how chelation therapy is starting for us. As stated before its simply milk thistle (500 mg a day). Thankfully I have found a liquid version online. See, here is another oddity about Gavin. He wont take anything from a dropper... unless it is dropper attached to a lid in a small brown or glass bottle...lol so GNC Melatonin is ok. Herb's for Kids super calm is ok (except it doesnt work for him --smells/ tastes like crap... So I assume that this liquid MT will be okay too --another intersting Gavin quirk.

baby screaming for my attn. gotta go.


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