26 June 2005

Milk Thistle Revisited.


I have already noticed a change in Gavin behavior. I know you do not believe me! It's been 5 days of an herbal supplement that improves liver function, AND I AM SEEING CHANGES IN MY AUTISTIC SON? yep.

He was a sentence making machine yesterday. Now, he is NOT conversational and will mostly just use sentences that he was taught to say. And yes, none of yesterday's sentences were extremely novel. They were just increased in sheer number. Instead of just shoving a popsicle in my face as a sign that he wants me to push it up out of the wrapper... he actually handed it to me and said "Mommy please to help with the popsicle?" hmmm.

AND THE MIRACLE??? Today he took his "vitamin" without a fight! AMEN TO THAT. (The "vitamin" is a syringe filled with some water and the powder from two milk thistle capsules.)

It could be the heat.
It could be the space relationship between Earth, the Sun and the Moon...
I am anxious to see what will change next, when the Glutathione cream is added.
Stay tuned!!