11 July 2005

Stuff and Things

I get a little off the topic of all things Gavin in this post, but do get back to his recovery adventures eventually...

Well, I got the shipment of all the Xylitol stuff I ordered! I love it!! again, look below for that post. The sweetner is great, I got a toothpaste and tooth gel for the kids, Gavin loves the gum (this is the only gum that PREVENTS tooth decay instead of causing it). Those of you not trying this yet are just silly! Its the perfect food supplement. Its been studied and proven to reduce ear infections, sinus infections, and upper respiratory infections AND kill bacteria in the mouth that cause tooth decay. Its recommended by dental associations all over the globe. Its almost half the calories of sugar and does not raise blood glucose levels, so diabetics can use it too. Its all natural and comes from plums and rasberries... http://www.xylitolstore.com I will preach about this stuff until everyone knows about it. Our dentists in the USA don't tell us about it... why? Are they afraid of losing some business?? (No, I do not sell this stuff,a nd I get no money for pimping it like I am!!)

Noni juice. I am NOT KIDDING. The second I started drinking it my ankle began to heal. Not only is it full of antioxidants which will help tissue at the cellular level. It ALSO is a natural Anti-Inflammatory. They day I started drinking the juice I stopped taking the mega doses of motrin I needed(which is damaging to the kidneys and liver), the swelling went down and I was able to walk on it without pain. I am not allowed toclaimthe NONI HEALS anything... thus the life of a "food supplement" whenyou make claims that something heals it has to be reclassified as a drug, under go all that "drug" stuff --in the end it becomes so expensive that only drug companies can afford to produce it.. and then you know what happens...

Visit my website for more info http://tni.com/jennywebster --and yes I DO get paid for pimping this stuff. But that is what money back guarantees are all about, try it and decide for yourself.

Gavin has another appt with his Deafeat Autism Now! doctor tomorrow, who by now has had a chance to review Gavin's records...
AND all hell is breaking loose in the house right now so I will post about this later.


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