22 December 2005


We did start chelating Gavin with Td-DMSA two weeks ago. I noticed a bit of a backslide, which can happen at first. Very stimmy, and fired up. I *THINK* there may be a yeast regrowth problem. We are about to start another 3 day "on" cycle, at the end I am going to call his doc to get him some more difulcan and then up his probiotics a bit.

And I know its time to do the GFCF diet. Just dreading it. Another expense I cannot afford, but MUST afford. Well... I know there are cheaper ways to do it, but Gavin is such a picky eater I know in the beginning I will have tobuy the more expensive speciality foods. I also plan on getting him food allergy tested. He lives on wheat, soy, corn. Why do I feel like the results will show that is exactly what he is allergic too??

He starts MB12 shots next month when I travel to NJ to see Dr. Neubrander

OK, I need more coffee and I PROMISE I will update more today about what supplements Gavin is on now and how symptoms improved with each.


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