22 July 2005


It took me months to pronounce it right.
First Milk Thistle, then Glutathione. These two things will hopefully get Gavin's body ready for chelation when the time comes.
For more information on what Glutathione is and does, visit the DAN! webcast page, and the ARI site I have linked to on the right hand side of this page. I could explain it, but not do it justice. Basically, autistic kids LACK this for the most part, and its important b/c it helps the body naturally detox from things like...oh... say, MERCURY???? hmmmm.

So, with the brand of Milk Thistle I am getting and the Glutathione lotion, Gavin is at approx $55/mo in supplements. That number will only grow. I am not including his noni juice in that amount, b/c that is something we are all drinking and would all drink --autism or not.

The next step?
I think I will contact his doctor next week and talk "YEAST" I would like to treat Gavin for the yeast overgrowth, give him some probiotics NOW, so that when our next appt rolls around (Aug 23rd), maybe we can do a round of chelation then, eh?? Right before school starts!!

We need to tackle the GFCF diet too... Test for allergies, etc. His diet is something I am afraid to tackle. Even his DAN! doc granted me a bit of a break on that one. Gavin ONLY eats Peanut butter, and Soy milk. He joked my luck we will find out Gavin is allergic to both!! So there is a little bit of denial that I am saving for some other day.

very tired... bed time now. night!


Anonymous Tami G said...

Oh Jenny- soy depletes glutathione- no kidding- I'll send you the study- and yeah, your DAN doc is likely right- I'll bet you $10 Gavin's allergic to peanuts and soy. Once you get him on a gf/cf diet he will learn to love other foods- like NT kids do- I promise- so stop being a chicken!!! Buck up girlfriend- this is the war on autism and you're the C.O.!

7/29/2005 02:01:00 AM  

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