16 January 2006


Something I have been meaning to do since this whole thing started was to keep a running total of what we are spending on supplements, doctors visits and the like.
I finally sat down to do that last night.

Since June.
On doctors appts, the gasoline to travel to a doctor willing to treat my son, since no local doctor will. Since the local doctors throw their arms up and say, "He's autistic, there is nothing you can do for that".
Some of those appts were phone consults. The money went to Cod Liver Oil, Noni Juice, Vit C, Zinc, Evening Primrose Oil, Super Nu-Thera (mulitvitamin), MB12 powder, Glutathione cream, td-DMSA, some GF/CF foods, etc etc etc.

monthly Cost:
Now, we are about to adjust his supplement schedule, add some things --some products combine a few of the above. So I punched in the numbers and based on daily doses, specific products, doctors appts and a 365 day year...

$600 is what is will be costing every month for Gavin's care --for this biomedical treatment, none of which is easily covered by insurance. Gavin gets state insurance b/c of his dx, this covers his educational therapies (47.5 hours of wraparound a week, a BSC, psych consults, etc --which is roughly $80,000 a year or more at this point) but it doesn't cover most of the rx'd meds like DMSA, MB12 shots and the Dr. N's vitamin supplement etc... that MOST private insurances actually do cover -and I am currently NOT offered such insurance at work.
I am going to be submitting so charges to MA and see if I get reimbursed, so fingers crossed. His $120 DMSA/mo and $45.50 MB12 shots/mo and $53 vitamin/mo are what I will be submitting.

Until then, --and since they will probably deny those, We pay $600/mo.

BY THE WAY, this does NOT include the couple hundred a month I will be spending on GF/CF foods for Gavin that I will have to special order on line since no local store carries these products. As time goes on and Gavin gets better, hopefully he will eat more meats and veggies and I can back off of the pricey premade products.

Is it worth it?

And I have thoughts about parents not willing to do this.
Some say they cannot afford it. Actually when I added up all our expenses last night I figured that I actually have a monthly deficit of about $150. (And that number did NOT INCLUDE: gasoline, clothing, diapers, food, gas, and other daily living expenses)
So when my old boss called and wanting to know if I wanted to go back to work next month I said YES! lol. Its not much money, and with that job I will cover that deficit and have enough to keep Liam in diapers, and not much more.
You find ways to make it work.
I moved in with my parents to make it work. I pay rent, but do not have to worry about it being due a certain day, or paying ultilities. Gavin is dying for his own place again. He asks me everyday to move in a house! lol He wanted to live at the Hotel we visited last weekend while in NJ to see Dr. Neubrander.
Point is it can be done, and if I didn't have my parents house I would STILL make it happen.

We owe these kids THAT much.
At least.

Since starting this he has language has grown! He is still not conversational per se, BUT I think he is heading the direction --and we have only just started chelation and haven't even tried the MB12 shots yet.

EVERY Parent Should Do THIS.
If chelation bothers you, there are other things you can do --diet, supplementation, ABA, etc.
I sat on the fence too long. too long.